CM Punk Comments On John Cena Spot At Full Gear

CM Punk has commented on his recent match against Eddie Kingston at Full Gear, in particular a section of the match which saw Punk borrow the moves of one of his previous rivals. During the match that took place on November 13th, Punk hit Kingston with a series of shoulder tackles and a side slam, a sequence familiar with WWE legend John Cena. As seen below, Punk looked like he was about to go one step further.

Following the slam, Punk raised his arm in the air and appeared to tease a Five Knuckle Shuffle, one of the signature moves of Cena. However, the straight edge star did not execute the move from his former rival, and the match continued. CM Punk was one of the wrestlers taking part in the post-Full Gear media scrum. During the Q and A, Punk was asked about the spot in the match and what lead him to do it. CM Punk responded by saying he did it becasue he likes messing with people and seeing their reactions:

“I have one boss when I’m in the ring, and I often like to say I have no boss when I’m in the ring but the truth is it’s the people,” Punk said. “I listen to them and sometimes I go with the flow and let them take me places, and sometimes, regardless of the seven-year gap, I’ve been doing this for a minute and I know what I’m doing. To me, it’s fun just to f*** with people. This is the whole juice for me, right? Getting reactions, getting different reactions, and getting to play with that, and 16 years ago today we lost Eddie Guerrero, and I just thought, I’m wrestling a dude tonight [with the same name]. How great is this going to be when I get them chanting for Eddie?

John Cena was not the only wrestler referenced in the Punk vs. Kingston match. Punk also hit the three amigos suplex spot, a signature of Eddie Guerrero, who passed away on November 13th 2005, meaning that Full Gear marked 16 years to the day since the passing. Punk commented on how he used the three amigos spot and the crowd reactions that followed.

“In my head, I’m going to be thinking about Eddie so I get to play with emotions and stuff like that because I feel it too. When they’re chanting for Eddie, I’ll go ahead and give them the three amigos, you know what I mean? This is not what you want, are you not entertained? I never really expect to get booed or cheered. I have a pretty good idea and I think what I’m really, really excellent at is reading the room.

The full media scrum can be seen below:

CM Punk was victorious in the match with Eddie Kingston at the Full gear pay-per-view. In regards to Kingston, it is being reported that Eddie may have picked up an injury at the event.

H/t to Wrestling Inc. for the use of transcriptions.

Featured image: SE Scoops

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