WWE Raw Ratings For 8/11/21

The ratings are in for the November 8th edition of Monday Night Raw. On average, the show saw an average viewership of 1.549 million viewers. The numbers have been obtained by Brandon Thurston from Wrestlenomics:

WWE’s flagship show has seen a drop in viewers compared to the previous week. The November 1st Raw saw an average viewership of 1.689 million viewers, meaning that the drop in viewers calculates to approximately 8.3%. In regards to key demographic rating, 526,000 viewers were aged between 18 and 49 years old, equating to a rating of 0.40. This is also down from the previous week’s rating of 0.47. As reported by Thurston, there was a large drop off in viewers in the 3rd hour of Raw, with only 1.3 million viewers watching the final third of the 3 hour show.

As reported by Show Buzz Daily, Raw ranked 6th overall in key demographic rankings for Monday night. As usual, Monday Night Football was the most watched show, with over 12 million people watching the Pittsburgh Steelers face the Chicago Bears.

Raw continued the build towards the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view on the November 8th show. The show saw a change in the men’s Survivor Series team, as Bobby Lashley replaced Dominik Mysterio to represent the red brand on November 21st.

Featured image: WWE

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