Nia Jax Issues Statement Following WWE Release

Nia Jax has posted an update on social media following her recent departure from WWE. The former Raw Women’s Champion was amongst 18 superstars who were released by WWE in their latest round of departures on Thursday November 4th. While budget cuts have been cited as the reason in emails sent around the company, reports surfaced claimed that Jax’s release was down to different circumstances, in particular the vaccination status of Nia.

In a post on Nia Jax’s Instagram, the former WWE star has explained her absence from TV prior to her release, and has also clarified the reports regarding vaccinations:

Nia Jax’s final appearance for WWE was on the September 20th edition of Monday Night Raw. The appearance saw the breakup the team of Nia and Shayna Baszler, with the end of the segment seeing Baszler injure her former tag team partner with a storyline arm injury.

Featured image: Bleacher Report

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