Xavier Woods Crowned King Of The Ring

Xavier Woods is the new King of the Ring following a victory in the finals at WWE Crown Jewel. Woods defeated Finn Balor in the final of the tournament to sit on the thrown and crown himself the new king.

The match itself was a back and forth technical style, with both Woods and Balor attempting their finishing moves, but were countered by their opponents. The end of the match saw Xavier hit the top rope elbow to obtain the pinfall victory over Finn. In the 8 man elimination tournament, Woods defeated Ricochet in round one, Jinder Mahal in the semi finals and Finn Balor in the finals to become the new King of the Ring.

While The New Day member can now call himself the king, it is unknown whether or not Xavier Woods will be gifted a championship opportunity as a result of being victorious in the tournament. Previous kings Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin have simply adopted the king gimmick and have not had any title shots because of it.

Many fans are pleased with the victory by Woods, as he has stated on multiple occasions what it means to him to become the King of the Ring. Fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston has been recorded watching the result of the finals:

Featured image: WWE

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