Goldberg vs. Bobby Lashley To Take Place At Crown Jewel

Goldberg will be making his in-ring return to WWE at the Crown Jewel pay per view on Thursday October 21st. The opponent for the WWE Hall of Famer will be Bobby Lashley in a No Holds Barred match, as Goldberg looks to get revenge for the events following SummerSlam.

When Lashley was WWE Champion, The All Mighty defended his title against Goldberg at SummerSlam on August 21st. The match was ended by referee stoppage, due to Goldberg being unable to continue the match. The former Universal Champion was attacked in the leg by Lashley’s manager MVP, rendering Goldberg unable to stand.

However, what enraged Goldberg was the events following the match. Goldberg’s son Gage attacked Bobby Lashley from behind after the bell had rung. In retaliation, Lashley placed Gage in The Hurt Lock and rendered Gage unconscious.

WWE advertised the return of Goldberg prior to the October 4th Raw. During the show, Goldberg and Bobby Lashley met face to face in the ring. Lashley agreed to the match on the condition that the stipulation would be a No Holds Barred match, to which Goldberg agreed to. As Bobby Lashley is no longer WWE Champion, this match is now about pride and family.

Members of The Hurt Business Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin attempted to blindside Goldberg, but the Hall of Famer stood tall to ended the segment.

Featured image: WWE

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