WWE Announces King Of The Ring And Queen’s Crown Tournaments

WWE have announced two tournaments to take place in the near future. Firstly, The King of the Ring tournament will see a return to WWE for the first time since 2019. Also announced is the Queen’s Crown, which is set to be a women’s version of the tournament. It has also been announced that the start date for both tournaments will be the October 8th episode of Friday Night SmackDown:

It has yet to be announced where the finals will take place or what the winner will receive. Originally, winners of the King of the Ring would receive an opportunity at the World Championship. However, in more recent years, the winner has simply adopted the king gimmick for comedic value. This was recently seen with the most recent winner of the tournament, King Corbin.

While Corbin did win the 2019 tournament, he is no longer King Corbin. Instead, a match between Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura took place to determine which superstar could call themselves king. The match was won by the Intercontinental Champion:

Currently, no participants have been announce for either tournament. Features of Wrestling will provide updates when they become available.

Featured image: WWE YouTube

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