Trailer Released For Netflix’s Escape The Undertaker

The title and trailer for an upcoming collaboration between WWE and Netflix has been released. Entitled ‘Escape The Undertaker’ the trailer sees The New Day members Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston navigate a haunted house in search of The Undertaker’s urn:

The show will be interactive for the audience. Viewers will be able to make decisions for The New Day members with the use of their remote control. Some decisions may have little effect on the overall story, while some may entail grave consequences for either Big E, Kingston or Woods.

This is not the first interactive show released by the streaming service. Netflix have previously produced a choose own adventure edition of hit shows Black Mirror and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This is also not the first collaboration between WWE and Netflix. In 2020, the two companies released the Netflix original movie The Main Event, which featured WWE stars Keith Lee and Kofi Kingston amongst other roster members.

Escape The Undertaker will air on Netflix on Tuesday October 5th.

Featured image: JoBlo

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