Tommy Dreamer Responds To Comments Made On TV Series “Dark Side Of The Ring”

Tommy Dreamer has issued a statement following his comments made on the TV series Dark Side of the Ring. During The Plane Ride From Hell episode of the series, Dreamer came under fire for making controversial comments regarding some of the actions that allegedly took place on the infamous flight back in 2002. The former WWE star has now released a statement on his social media page:

The comments in question were regarding an alleged sexual harassment by former WWE star Ric Flair onto flight attendant Heidi Doyle. Following Heidi Doyle recounting these traumatic events in the show, Tommy Dreamer stated that the incident was meant to be a joke and that Flair had no intentions of harassment or sexual assault.

[Dreamer’s comments in more detail can be found here]

Following the episode, immediate backlash towards both Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer have been seen online. Both names were trending on social media the following day, and each individual has seen repercussions from the stories told on Dark Side of the Ring. Tommy Dreamer, who was working in IMPACT Wrestling prior to this, has been suspended indefinitely by the company. In regards to Ric Flair, The Nature Boy has seen one of his endorsements paused until further notice.

Featured image: Wrestling Inc.

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