Jon Moxley Wins GCW Championship And Will Defend Against Nick Gage

A new GCW Champion was crowned at the GCW Art of War Games pay per view. Jon Moxley pinned the now former champion Matt Cardona in a surprise appearance to become the new champion.

Cardona held an open challenge at the end of the show for his GCW Championship. The former WWE star teased that the challenger would be from Chicago Illinois, where the War Games pay per view took place. Initially, the challenge was answered by Frank the Clown. The crowd and commentary were not enthusiastic about Matt’s opponent, with boos and profanities chanted. Cardona dispatched The Clown in quick fashion. the victory came when Matt Cardona struck Frank the Clown with the GCW Universal Championship and pinned the Chicago native with a foot on the chest.

Following the squash victory, multiple druids made their way to the ring along with GCW wrestler G-Raver. However, in a swerve, G-Raver left the ring, and one of the druids hit the former GCW Champion with a DDT. This was revealed to be Jon Moxley. The AEW star hit another DDT on Cardona onto a pile of light tubes to become the new GCW Champion.

Following his victory, Jon Moxley was confronted by Nick Gage, who had competed earlier in the show in a violent War Games match. The former GCW Champion confirmed that on October 9th in Atlantic City, it would be Moxley vs. gage for the GCW Championship in a deathmatch stipulation.

Featured image: Fightful

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