Finn Balor Pitched Move To NXT UK

Finn Balor has expressed desires to work in NXT UK. The former NXT Champion recently spoke to BT Sport about a return to wrestling in the United Kingdom. Back at the start of 2020, it looked like Balor was due to face WALTER for the United Kingdom Championship. However, these planned were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, WALTER is no longer the United Kingdom Champion. This is due to Ilja Dragunov dethroning WALTER at NXT TakeOver 36.

In the interview, Balor stated a move to the UK branch of the black and gold brand is something he is very much interested in. However, plans changed and instead the former Universal Champion made his return to SmackDown on the July 16th SmackDown.

“The surprise appearance at NXT UK about two years ago was something that I was really excited about. It wasn’t going to be a one-off. It was going to be a regular thing. We were building towards a match with WALTER, it got taken away from us by the pandemic. It’s something I’m still super invested in. Believe it or not, before I return to SmackDown, I could feel the run at NXT coming to an end and I’d kind of exhausted all the resources there too. The guys that I could wrestle against and that I actually pitched the idea of moving to NXT UK, and obviously him, that might’ve been a little bit of a bold move on maybe a bold pitch, but I felt like, you know, not only like challenge myself against guys like Ilja, WALTER, A-Kid, Jordan, but you know, help the brand the same way I tried to help NXT… But, the office had a different opinion on that. They wanted me on SmackDown.”

Now a part of the blue brand, Finn Balor will collide with Roman Reigns for The Tribal Chief’s Universal Championship on September 3rd.

Balor went on to praise the NXT UK brand and style of the product. Finn also hopes that live crowds will also be returning to UK arenas in the near future:

“Seeing that brand grow, it’s incredible. Some of those guys are some of the best in the world on that, like you said, it’s a more, I don’t want to use the word ‘pure,’ but it’s a more, definitely a raw or mat-wrestling based on that. Some of these guys are really talented that have a huge team. So, it’s great to see the ground grow at the seat of breath and grow. And then, you know, hopefully, we’ll get the funds back in the UK soon too, and that no offense to the BT studios, but if we can get, feel that having people will get us back in places like Blackpool, or Wembley and, you know, be incredible.”

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcriptions.

Featured image: GQ

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