Ilja Dragunov Defeats WALTER To Become New United Kingdom Champion

Ilja Dragunov is the new NXT United Kingdom Champion. Dragunov defeated WALTER at NXT TakeOver 36 to capture the championship in a hard fought and physical match.

The match was a rematch from the critically acclaimed bout from October 2020. The first encounter gained notoriety for the hard hitting style with neither man holding back. The rematch at TakeOver was just as physical as the first encounter, with both men laying in chops and kicks hard. The match ended with The Mad Russian locking in a sleeper on WALTER. The now former UK Champion had no choice but to submit, earning Dragunov his first championship in WWE.

The new champion had been through a war throughout the match. Dragunov’s chest was covered in welts from repeated WALTER chops and looked physically exhausted upon raising the title.

The title change at TakeOver now ends WALTER’s lengthy United Kingdom title reign. Before the shock title change, The Ring General had held the championship for 870 days, the longest in the title’s history. WALTER first captured the championship at NXT TakeOver: New York back in 2019. At the New York event, WALTER defeated Pete Dunne to begin his lengthy rain with the championship.

Featured image: WWE

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