Stakes Raised For SummerSlam Match

A stipulation has been added to the Universal Championship match at SummerSlam between Roman Reigns and John Cena. Champion Reigns has stated that if he loses at the pay per view, he will leave WWE.

In the final face to face before the match, John Cena repeated that all it would take was 1,2,3 and the championship would be his and Cena would then become a record breaking 17 time world champion. The 16 time champion then declared that SmackDown would not have a full time champion and that it is Roman Reign’s fault.

The Tribal Chief responded by saying that the stakes would be raised in Las Vegas, and that Reigns would either leave SummerSlam the WWE Champion or he would leave WWE. John Cena then rolled up Reigns for a mock pin for nearly the 3 count. The Universal Champion looked shaken at this as Cena made his way up the ramp.

Featured image: WWE

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