CM Punk Debuts For All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk in back in wrestling after a 7 year absence. Punk made his debut for AEW on the August 20th edition of Rampage in Chicago. The First Dance edition of Rampage opened to thunderous CM Punk chants from the crowd. Shortly afterwards, Living Color’s song Cult of Personality hit and The United Center in Chicago erupted to one of the biggest pops in wrestling history:

Following the entrance, the best in the world declared that he was back and thanked the fans for all of their support over the course of his absence. CM Punk then sat cross legged in the ring and talked about how he fell out of love with wrestling on August 15th 2005, which was when Punk left Ring of Honor. However, Punk then rose to his feet and declared that on August 20th 2021, he was back.

AEW’s newest signee then said that he was back to work with younger talent that had the same passion that he had stamped out, and then addressed Darby Allin. The camera then cut to Allin and Sting in the rafters of the arena. Punk stated to the former TNT Champion that if he likes danger so much, there is nothing more dangerous than facing CM Punk in Chicago. The match was then made official for All Out on September 5th.

The last time CM Punk was in a wrestling ring was in WWE. The former WWE Champion’s last appearance was in the 2014 Royal Rumble, where Punk was eliminated by Kane. Following this appearance, CM Punk left WWE, following frustrations with the company.

AEW All Out will now feature two former WWE stars having debut matches for the company, with Paul Wight also wrestling on the card.

Fightful first broke the news of CM Punk’s return back in July. Momentum has been building ever since this announcement with constant teases by both Punk and AEW over recent weeks. It has also been announced that CM Punk will be making his debut on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday August 25th.

Featured image: Twitter

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