WWE 2K22 Shows New Screenshot

New images of the upcoming WWE 2K22 videogame have been revealed by the official social media account. The new stills from the upcoming game feature Edge making his entrance at the top of the stage along with pyro and smoke being released behind.

The developer has also revealed that during SummerSlam more details about the game will be revealed. Most likely this will be a release date announcement, along with a deluxe edition and what will be included with the premium version. This is the first major update on the game since the initial trailer back in April 2021.

2K will be hoping that the upcoming game will be better received than the previous version of the franchise. WWE 2K20 was widely criticised by both critics and users for the game’s glitches, poor likeness and overall unplayability. The result was the developers not making a WWE 2K21, instead releasing the arcade style fighter WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

It should be noted that the images of Edge may not be entirely representable of the game. text at the bottom of the image states that the screenshots are captured with a work in progress game build. WWE 2K22 will be the first in the franchise to be released on the newest generation consoles of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Featured image: Twitter

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