Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg Confirmed For SummerSlam

Bobby Lashley’s next challenger for his WWE Championship has been revealed. The Almighty WWE Champion will face Goldberg at SummerSlam on August 21st.

The WWE Hall of famer initially challenged Bobby Lashley on the RAW after SummerSlam, but to no response. The following week, Lashley rejected the challenge, saying that he would not dignify the challenge with a response.

Goldberg then appeared on the August 2nd edition of RAW and demanded an answer from the WWE Champion. The former Universal Champion declared that he was next an exited the ring. Following his exit, MVP confronted Goldberg’s son. This prompted Goldberg to return and spear MVP.

Later on in the RAW broadcast, Bobby Lashley accepted the challenge:

The current announced card for SummerSlam is as follows:

Featured image: WWE

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