Domino’s Responds To Unfortunately Timed Advert On AEW

One of the biggest talking points from the Fight For The Fallen Edition of AEW Dynamite was the main event. In the final match of the show, Chris Jericho faced Nick gage in a no rules match, as part of the five labours of Jericho series. The match was a violent affair, which included light tubes and a fall onto a pain of glass.

Another weapon spot in the match was with the use of a pizza cutter, which has become a signature of Nick Gage deathmatches. Gage used the utensil on Jericho’s head and violently sliced open the forehead of the inaugural AEW World Champion. Following this, a poorly placed advert was aired. Shortly after the slicing, AEW cut to an advert via picture in picture. The first advert onscreen was a commercial for Domino’s pizza, featuring another cutter, this time being used for its intended purpose.

The placement for Domino’s appears to be unplanned and simply a case of unfortunate timing. However, the pizza company are not happy with the nature of their commercial taking place. According to Front Office Sports, Domino’s did not know that their advertisement would be airing during the deathmatch. Jenny Fouracre-Petko, who is a spokesperson for Domino’s has said the following on the graphic content:

β€œWe share the concerns expressed about this incident and the content of this TV-14 rated program, and are assessing our advertising presence on it going forward.”

It appears that All Elite Wrestling may lose one of its advertisers following this incident of unfortunate timing and placement. Alternatively, due to AEW’s consistently strong ratings and brand exposure, the pizza chain may see this as any publicity is good publicitiy.

Features of Wrestling will provide any updates on this story as it develops.

Featured image: TalkSport

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