Nick Gage Makes AEW Debut

Nick Gage made his AEW debut on night two of the Fyter Fest Dynamite special. Gage was announced as the next opponent for Chris Jericho as part of the five labours of Jericho series. MJF announced Jericho’s next opponent following Chris’ first match in the series.

Chapter one of the labours of Jericho saw Le Champion face Shawn Spears. The stipulation for this match was that Spears could use a chair without being disqualified. However, if Jericho did use a chair he would be disqualified. Chris Jericho won the match following a Judas Effect elbow onto Spears to pick up the pinfall victory.

If the inaugural AEW World Champion can be victorious in all five of the labours of Jericho, he will get to face MJF once again. Following the victory, MJF made his way to the entrance ramp and said the following:

“Mazel Tov Chris, congratulations. You’ve passed labour number one. Although you needed the help from your glorified young boy Sammy ‘the sip’ Guevara. But let me make something clear Chris. If you have anyone else come out and help you through any more of these labours, our deals off and you don’t get another match against me.

But since you love to break the rules so much Chris, next week labour number 2 will be a no disqualification match. And it will also be against a man who doesn’t mind breaking a few rules. A man who is the most sadistic, the most twisted, the most criminal human being to ever set foot inside of a squared circle. He once stabbed his opponent in the jugular. He once robbed a bank with no mask on. Ladies and gentlemen, labour number two, Nick Freaking Gage!”

Nick Gage then made his way to the entrance ramp besides MJF with a pizza cutter in hand. Gage has also posted an update on social media following the positive reaction to this announcement.

Featured image: Wrestling Inc.

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