John Cena Returns At Money In The Bank

John Cena made his return to WWE at Money in the Bank. Cena made a shock appearance following the Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Edge. Cena’s entrance music hit following Reigns retention in the main event of the show:

This is John Cena’s first in person appearance on WWE TV since WrestleMania 36 back in April 2020. Following the confrontation, Cena addressed the live crowd in attendance when the show went off the air. However, the cameras kept rolling and WWE have released the footage onto their YouTube page:

John Cena said the following in the promo:

“You guys tell me how much I suck – man that feels good! I see this guy’s sign over there it says, ‘Cena shows up – we cheer!’ – it’s like bizarro world, what’s going on?! I just wanted to come out here and let Roman Reigns know that I was back, and I certainly wanted to come out here and let all of you know about that. And I promise you that it’s not a one-night-only, but what’s special to me is it’s the first night.”

“As always, I want to thank all of the WWE superstars for putting their lives and bodies on the line to entertain you, but most importantly, I missed you guys, I really, really missed you guys. As much as I’m thankful and grateful for them, man I love you guys and I really, really missed you and thank you so much for being here tonight and making this moment special for me and special for everybody in here – thank you so much everyone – have a good night!”

H/t to Inside The Ropes for the transcription

The return confirms the report earlier this month. Fightful reported that the latest that the 16 time world champion would be Friday July 23rd, the SmackDown after Money in the Bank. With WWE confirming SummerSlam will be the next pay per view taking place on August 21st, it appears that Cena is being setup for a match at the biggest party of the summer.

While the return looks like Cena will be facing Roman Reigns in August, it may not be a straightforward. WWE have also announced that the multiple time WWE Champion will be appearing on RAW. It remains to be seen whether Cena will be making any announcements on the show or perhaps possibly competing in ring.

Featured image: WWE

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