Aleister Black Makes AEW Debut With New Name

Aleister Black made his shock debut on the July 7th edition of AEW Dynamite. The new name of the former WWE Superstar has also been revealed, now going by the name of Malakai Black.

During a segment involving Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes, the lights went out in the arena. When the lights came back on, Black was in the ring and immediately hit Anderson with a Black Mass kick.

Cody then rushed to the ring, and was also hit with the same kick. The announcers first referred to Black by his indie name of Tommy End. It was later confirmed that the new name will be Malakai Black.

Black was part of the June 2nd WWE releases, which also included Braun Strowman and others. When main roster talent are released from their contract, they usually have a 90 day period where they can’t compete for another company. The fact that Malakai turned up on Dynamite so quickly is even more shocking. A report from PWInsider provides more information as to why this was the case. Mike Johnson reports that WWE did not update Black’s contract following his move to the main roster: is told that back when Tommy End was moved to the main WWE roster several years ago, the company failed to update his contract from the standard 30 day non-compete that NXT level talents receive to the 90 day non-compete that main roster performers are given.  So, what can only be described as a bad clerical error allowed End to be free and clear in time for the first episode of AEW Dynamite on the road and surprise everyone.

While main roster WWE talent have a 90 day no compete clause in their contract, NXT talent only have 30 days. It appears that the former Aleister Black’s contract was not updated when he moved to the main roster in 2019. It will be interesting to see if any other talent have this error in their contract, and can also show up to other promotions sooner than expected.

Malakai Black is married to Zelina Vega, who also made her return to the ring recently. Vega made her return on a recent episode of SmackDown, and also has qualified for the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match.

Featured image: Media Referee

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