Adam Cole On After The Bell: Podcast Recap

Former NXT Champion Adam Cole recently appeared on the After The Bell podcast. Adam along with hosts Corey Graves and Vic Joseph discussed his current solo run in NXT following his split from The Undisputed Era. They also talk about the return to the road for wrestling, dream matches and more. The most notable quotes can be found below:

On splitting from The Undisputed Era and going solo:

“So it’s actually kind of invigorating. When I look back on everything that me and The Undisputed Era did together, I do look back fondly on it. To come into a place like WWE where your anxiety and the pressure you put on yourself is at an all time high. To be able to share that with people who I considered brothers at one point. We travelled the road for 10 plus years. I’ve known Kyle since 2009 and I’ve been at his wedding. I’ve known him for a long time. But truth be told it was exciting to go OK I’ve got to do this on my own now. I’ve got to make an impression on my own. So far it has been really cool and really exciting.”

On Roderick Strong:

“Roddy is probably the toughest opponent I’ve ever been in the ring with. When you are done wrestling Roddy, you definitely feel like you’ve wrestled. He brings it, he always has and always will. So the idea of him being at the forefront, or what it looks like, of this new group, it’s scary. I think it’s scary for the whole brand, definitely scary for KUSHIDA. I think it’s really cool in some senses for Roddy to find this new group and new crew. He looks as confident as ever, but I really hope that Roddy stays out of my way. The idea of having to deal with Roddy this tense and this fired up is something I’m not ready to deal with right now. Roddy is on fire and I can tell.”

On the next batch of rising stars in NXT:

“So I’ve mentioned this name before, but Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott is someone I’ve always had my eyes on. With this new group he has, I feel like he is really hitting his stride. To me, there’s always been something about him that has stuck with me. It could be because I am from Lancaster Pennsylvania, and I met Isaiah Scott in Lancaster. I directed him towards the training academy that I was going to. I kind of watched him grow as a talent through the independents all across the world. To see him land in NXT has been really cool. I knew kind of from the beginning that he was going to be really good, now again to see him the position he is in is really cool. He’s the guy that I am 1000% keeping my eyes on. A year from now you will really see what he is capable of.”

On excitement at getting back on the road:

“My God I have never been more excited for anything. even having a few fans in the CWC for NXT and feeling that real energy, what a difference. We always knew that the fans were vital to the success and excitement of pro wrestling and what it brings to the table. But to actually get back to the travelling to different cities and feeling that energy and that passion is what it’s all about. It feels naked without the audience. It can still be awesome, but that glue that holds wrestling together and the intangible that makes it all magic is the audience. I can’t wait. I promise you for all of the fans that are excited to come back, I promise the performers are more excited than you are.”

On some apprehensions on returning to the road:

“The only thing that I am a little bit intimidated by is I feel like I might forget how to travel. Again we were so used to going to an airport or driving. I know I will get there too early and worry about security, which gate to go in. But |I will say I’m sure after the first 2 weeks it will be like riding a bike. I’ve always been the super early airport guy. I have too much anxiety for that. I have to get there 45 minutes before boarding.”

On his upcoming match with Kyle O’Reilly:

“It’s big. I touch on this briefly but if I am married to anyone in the wrestling industry it would be Kyle. In 2009 we had a breakout match on the independents that got us noticed and allowed us to travel all over the United States and into Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia you name it. Me and Kyle have been joined at the hip. With TakeOver Stand & Deliver Kyle got the victory. This one is more important to me because it is a straight up wrestling match. This is to see who is the better wrestler. I stand by this, I think I am a better wrestler than Kyle O’Reilly. But this will be a battle. I have never had a match with Kyle where I have not been fighting for my life and that’s the way I like it. He feels the same way. It’s going to be a fight, but one where Adam Cole walks out on top.”

On people saying NXT is a developmental brand:

“It bothers me a lot to some extent. I try be glass half full guy in a lot of ways. I think there is an aspect to NXT where of course there is developmental. There are people who get hired with wrestling experience and with no wrestling experience. It’s the process of hopefully getting to that point where they end up on NXT television. But to say the roster of guys on NXT that are on TV every week. As far as developmental goes, I do believe we are on the same level as the guys on RAW and on SmackDown. the process of development though is something that happens all of the time. I’ve been wrestling for 13 years and I’m constantly developing. I don’t ever want to get out of developmental. It’s so cool for me to be around guys like Shawn Michaels, Triple H or Matt Bloom. They are open to admitting that they are still learning. If those guys are open to admitting bout learning, we better be open to it. I’m proudly developing in that sense.”

On a dream stipulation and opponent:

“Funny enough because it just happened, I really want to wrestle in a Hell in a Cell someday. Because I am an absolute maniac. I just think of all the iconic moments and matches. HBK and The Undertaker, Mankind and The Undertaker. there’s so many different examples of classic Hell in a Cell matches. When I think of that iconic moment where the music is playing and the cell is lowering, I just remember being so excited and it still makes me feel that way. I do hope my body will allow me to wrestle in a Hell in a Cell. In a perfect world, past present future doesn’t matter, it would be Shawn Michaels. But if I’m picking current guys to face, I’m going to go Kyle O’Reilly. If I beat Kyle at Hell in a Cell then it’s over. I can go back to the NXT Championship and move on.”

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