Trish Stratus On Oral Sessions With Renee Paquette: Podcast Recap

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus was a recent guest on Renee Paquette’s podcast Oral Sessions. In the episode, they talked about Trish’s relationship with her husband Ron, including how they got together and how they have managed to remain close despite the travelling schedule of WWE. They also discuss the rise in women’s wrestling, the term Diva and more. The most notable quotes can be found below:

On how she stayed together with her high school sweetheart while travelling on the road:

“I think the secret is friendship. So back in the day, my boy cousins who I got into wrestling with, we wrestled together, we were really close. One of my cousins was best friends with Ron [Fisico Trish’s husband]. We’ve known each other since were 8 years old. We would play together and I would hang with the boys. It was like Trish wants to play with us and it was grade 8 and I was on the school bus. He was like ‘Aren’t you Georgine’s cousin?’ I was like ‘Oh Ron that’s cool.’ So we met each other in grade 8 on the bus and he went to the high school that I didn’t go to but my sister did. So they became friends and they started coming by the home. We became friends by that and as of grade 11 we were best friends. We went through that stage where we were like are we boyfriend and girlfriend? I think we became officially boyfriend and girlfriend 28 years ago. When we started dating, there wasn’t many females that likes wrestling or said that they liked wrestling. We would take trips I would never forget. We would drive to Florida to go to events. We had our high school connection, then we went to university. I wanted to become a doctor, so I was laser focused on that. He was laser focused on his own thing. We wanted to establish ourselves as separate entities in our own right. Then the wrestling thing came up. I had to make the transition from school full time to my fitness career, and then to wrestling. Because Ron and I were fans, he gives me that insight and he gets the business. I would say ‘I have to kiss The Rock tonight.’ He would respond ‘Cool , that’s great for your character.’ It’s different to what maybe another husband might say. Me and Victoria would always get his opinion, which he called the Ron report.”

Ron’s reaction when Trish got signed:

“We were like is this real life. Even my cousins, who we played wrestling with, we were tag teams. We still look back and be like isn’t this crazy?”

Did Trish have a career goal:

“I knew I wanted to be the best at what I was doing. But also you have to remember that it was a time where there wasn’t a lot of women doing it. I could go up to The Rock and say that’s what I want to do, but is that realistic, I’m not sure. Until one day The Rock said to me ‘You know, you could be the female Rock.’ I was like oh my God, OK I’m going to do that. In a way, I knew it was my job to be the best I could be. Whether that involved training or performing at my peak every time and outdoing my last performance, things like that. I knew at the beginning when I was doing the crappy things. But it’s like this with my fitness stuff. I was doing all this sexy modelling stuff, but it gave me a platform and a voice. Because I am on the cover of this magazine, I am a notable personality, therefore I could book myself. I knew because I am on this cover, how can I maximize and utilise this to have my voice heard. Once I am in the door, I can showcase a different side. I felt like wrestling was the same thing. It was using these opportunities to then see what is the bigger picture? What is the next step so I don’t have to do that again?”

Locker room conversations on the rise of women’s wrestling:

“I think it was a slow rise, because everything was happening under the radar. I’ll never forget we were doing these live events. Me and Jazz were absolutely chilling it, we were having these matches and people were there for it. They used to do these things where they would go around to the first couple of rows and they would pull them, they would tell the guys what were your 5 favourite matches. They would use that as feedback for Vince and therefore reflect on TV. I remember Vince pulled me aside one time and said ‘So it’s you and Jazz. We’ve been hearing that you and Jazz are the constant in these reports.’ I was like wow I couldn’t believe it. People were going to sit up and notice, but it took a while. The fans were just used to cheering for us and chanting for our puppies. They expected the girls to go out, hair pull and slap each other around. So I remember Fit and I made a conscious decision every time we got the opportunity to say OK lets do something different but we will slip it in there. The fans were not like oh what is happening? We couldn’t let the office know, because they would be like no that’s what the boys do. Why are you doing that chop that Ric Flair does? Guess what, I can do it too.”

Praise for Fit Finlay:

“He’s so incredible. I remember the year of work we were doing where he and I were leading the cavalry. It was a rotation of feuds and we were like what can we do now. I think Lita had her neck injury. So Jazz was brought in, then Victoria was brought in and then Mickie James was brought in. We would sit and be like OK we got to present different characters and we created storylines. It was the chance to be the same as the guys. We would slip in these moves and present something more solid match-wise. It was something different. When I was given the title in 2001, six pack challenge, I was the underdog. It was like I have this ball I better run, bye! There was no looking back from that. There was no women’s division prior to that. Chyna was the last champion and it wasn’t a division thing, for her it was this entity and character thing. Kind of like a money in the bank thing. She left the company and took the title with her. So there’s not title and no division. At that point all you are fighting for is character establishing. They finally brought back the championship and we are going to do this, Fit we are going to have you lead this. He thought it was a rib because it was like ‘Ha you’ve got to work with the girls now.’ It was an opportunity to change the perception of what the girls can do in the business. We went out and tried to do that, I think we did pretty good.”

On the term ‘Diva’:

“I never uttered the word ‘Diva.’ I refused to say it because I didn’t get it. I enjoyed in the beginning that we were all called superstars. Then when the Diva thing happened. As a tomboy the term Diva I’m like no, I don’t qualify. What they were calling Diva, I’m not that at all. So I was never behind that term at all. When they got rid of it, it’s like the six pack challenge with a restart. Let’s get back to business here. The title just is what it is, the girls are still doing the work and paving the way for women everywhere. Not to diminish it but there is that connotation everywhere.”

How the friendship with Lita started and how they have remained friends:

“So the connection is there’s no women doing their thing, but there’s 2 women in training and they have both been signed at the same time at the same age. She was in developmental and I was in Canada waiting for my visa. We were like we are going to be doing this. We were the new girls on the roster so the storylines were going about us. Of course we started together too. Our rivalry is decades long, we have that dynamic of the ying and the yang of us, that’s what fans love about us. They dug us, dare I say a Rock – Austin. They knew they were going to get something good because there is so much history behind us. There was also the history with us being valets too, which is such a good way of showing characters. We got to do the crazy intergender stuff too, her with Rock and me with Triple H in the main event. So we are going through this and we have this fantastic opportunity to change history. We were riding together and going on this meteoric rise together. To share that is super special. I made Lita my son’s Godmother. I wanted to make her part of the family. We talk pretty much every day.”

Featured image: WWE

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