Samoa Joe Returns To NXT

Samoa Joe made his return to WWE TV on the June 15th episode of NXT. The Samoan Submission Machine interrupted William Regal’s address to the fans at the start of the episode. Regal had alluded to possibly retiring from the NXT General Manager Role. This was because of the increased chaos happening in NXT over the previous few weeks.

Karrion Kross came to the ring to confront and taunt William Regal. After berating the NXT GM, Samoa Joe’s music hit and Joe made his way down to the ring:

Originally, William Regal offered Joe the position of new General Manager, as Regal had the intention of stepping down from the role. Instead, Samoa Joe declined the position, and counter offered the role of NXT enforcer to the General Manager. Mr Regal accepted the conditions on two terms. Firstly, Samoa Joe is not a competitor, and therefore will not wrestle on the black and gold brand. Secondly, The Samoan Submission Machine is unable to lay a hand on anyone, unless provoked.

The second condition came into effect later on in the episode. Following a pull apart brawl between Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole, Joe attempted to break up the former Undisputed Era members. During this attempt, Cole shoved the new enforcer. As a result, Samoa Joe put Adam Cole into the Coquina Clutch and choked out the former NXT Champion.

This return for Samoa Joe is surprising due to his contract status. Joe was part of the WWE releases back in April 2021, which also included The IIconics and more. These superstars are still under the 90 day no compete clause following their WWE releases. It has been reported that the reason why Joe has returned to NXT is down to the head of the brand Triple H. The Game was unhappy with Joe’s release and wanted him back in NXT as opposed to working elsewhere. More on this story can be found here in a report by Wrestling INC.

Samoa Joe has won the NXT Championship twice in his time with the black and gold brand. He was called up to Monday Night RAW in 2017. In his time on the main roster, Joe captured the United States Championship two times. The former champion was transferred to Monday Night RAW commentary in late 2019. The suspected reason for this was injuries made him unable to compete in-ring. As mentioned earlier, Samoa Joe was part of the April 2021 releases.

Featured image: WWE

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