Chris Jericho Discusses How Violent Blood And Guts Will Be

Chris Jericho appeared on Wrestling Observer live to promote the upcoming AEW Blood and Guts match on May 5th. Chris talked to hosts Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez about the match and the possibility of another Stadium Stampede match in the future.

Bryan Alvarez: Have you been given any sort of restrictions for Blood and Guts next week? Because it is blood and guts and people are going to expect some blood and guts. You can’t cut someone’s head off or whatever. So what have they told you? Like 3 people can bleed, or are there no restrictions, like use your brain and don’t get us kicked off of TNT

Jericho: Obviously we have seen a lot of gimmick matches and violent matches. What we can we do that Britt and Thunder Rosa did 3 weeks ago. I’m smarter than that. Just because it’s called blood and guts, it doesn’t mean that there’s going to be 10 guys going coast to coast brother. That’s not the case because that doesn’t do anything for you. I think once again the idea is that you are putting 10 guys together in this cage. I mean when they beat me up I was bleeding. Dax wasn’t supposed to bleed when I beat him up. I grabbed a picture off the wall, I hit Max [MJF] over the back with it and hit Dax as he was walking away. The splinter just caught him and now he is bleeding. We have seen blood before in this feud, but I think it is more about the story and the intensity. I’m sure there will be blood, there won’t be any guts. I don’t want to disappoint anyone but no one going to get cut with a samurai sword and you see the entrails. But what do we want to do to show how violent this match is, guys don’t have to do that. It’s the first time we have seen this. The apparatus is different, it’s different to War Games. It’s not WWE’s version, it’s not Dusty Rhodes version, it’s AEW’s version of War Games. That’s why it is called Blood and Guts. I like the fact that it’s different. We have sold more tickets for this show than any other pandemic show. I don’t expect 10 guys bleeding all over the place, I think that takes away from the violence rather than adding to it.”

Dave Meltzer: Last year you came up with The Stadium Stampede. Part of me thinks it should be a signature thing like The Royal Rumble or something like that. But then you are getting into the WWE mentality of it’s December so lets do TLC. When it comes to Stadium Stampede, have you thought about doing it again?

Jericho: “Yeah, you know as long as the storyline warrants it. You could have a Hell in A Cell every May. But every January you start a blood feud that culminates in May. You aren’t shoehorning it in. You plan for it. Yes we could do another Stadium Stampede. This is wrestling, once something is a hit, you always do it again. But I was in the first Elimination Chamber, the first Money in the Bank and the first Stadium Stampede, first Mimosa Mayhem. When I pitched that everyone thought I was insane. But now everybody loves it, who doesn’t want to take a bump into orange juice. I think stampede was a necessity because we had nowhere to go. Tony Khan had the idea to do it in a stadium. We didn’t know what we were going to do. Now there has been one, you could take it anyway it goes. Maybe next time it is more violent and serious. You think how do you do another Elimination Chamber match, but then everyone adds their creativity. I do think we could do another Stadium Stampede match, if the creativity warrants it. I have no doubt you could do it in a way that is just as good as the last one, but completely different. That’s what wrestling is all about.”

Video interview can be found below:

Image credit: The Over timer.

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