Jon Moxley on his upcoming Deathmatch

Image Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jon Moxley will be facing Kenny Omega in an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch at AEW Revolution. Following this announcement, the former AEW champion appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio. Here are his thoughts on the upcoming match:

“I would never have thought in a million years we would be doing this. I am a fan of these matches, never would have expected that I would get to do one in AEW. When this was brought to me quite some time ago, I’m not going to turn that down.”

“The idea was brought to me. I’m like a kid in a candy store! This is the cool thing about AEW and Tony Khan. One thing I can’t stand is promising something that I can’t deliver on. I used to say things like “I’m going to put you through hell in a cell!” But we all know no I’m not, it’s going to be the same as every other match. I’ve pitched so much stuff over the years. Everything imaginable, I have pitched. But it’s always the same stuff that we’ve always seen. Something simple like tearing the canvas off and tearing off the boards. I pitched that to Hunter, Vince and Seth, and they look at me like I’m f*cking stupid. They didn’t get it at all. Vince said “I don’t think the people will understand it.” Of course no, can’t happen. Hunter liked thumbtacks when Cactus was putting him over, but whatever dude.”

“Now, I’ve said to Tony, don’t put me in these situations unless we can deliver. Be careful what you wish for, I am not in the business of under delivering promises. In situations like this, the gloves are off. Any potential thing that me and Kenny can think of is a possibility. We both have this compulsion to take this to as high of a level as possible. We are both similar in the way we think. Our 2 creative brains will create a wild night in Jacksonville. I am 110% invested in this. We will see where this ranks compared to the former deathmatches that we have to live up to.”

The audio can be found in the video below:

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