Potential Wrestlemania fan update

Viewers of last night Super Bowl will have noticed something unusual in the stands. Despite only 25,000 fans out of a possible 65,000 in attendance, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa looked full. This is because around 30,000 cardboard cut outs were used to resemble fans. The next event to happen at Raymond James will be Wrestlemania. It was previously reported here that a similar number of fans are rumoured to be attending in April. The reliable Wrestlevotes on Twitter had the following to say on the situation:

“With the Super Bowl tonight at Raymond James Stadium -home of WrestleMania 37 in 9 weeks- so far, WWE has been against the idea of filling the “empty” seats w/ cutouts as the NFL has done. I assume that decision will be discussed again now as the stadium looks great.”

It will be interesting to see which approach WWE uses on the day. While cardboard fans may not look the best close up, it may be better than the alternative of lots of empty seats.

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Wrestlevotes can be found on Twitter here.

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