Bold Predictions: The 2021 Royal Rumble

For hardcore and casual fans, The Royal Rumble is one of the most anticipated events in the wrestling calendar every year. If fans watch only one show a year, chances are it’s this one. From surprise entrants into the titular match and nostalgia, to setting the landscape for Wrestlemania. Here are some bold predictions for this Sundays PPV.

History repeats itself.

Once again, Goldberg is fighting for the top championship. There is still a bitter taste in many fans mouths from when all momentum from The Fiend was suddenly stopped and Goldberg became champion for no apparent reason. Drew McIntyre has held the title for a long time now. And with fans heavily rumoured to be at Wrestlemania, WWE may be booking Drew to finally have his moment in front of fans. However, he has to lose the title first. A possibility could be that Drew loses the title and then goes onto win the Royal Rumble match. Alternitively, Goldberg could have the title for the next prediction.

Brock Lesnar returns

The beast has not been seen on WWE TV since Wrestlemania 2020, where he lost his WWE title to Drew McIntyre. The draw of a live crowd (and money) may entice Brock to return, especially if it is a big moment like a Royal Rumble win. WWE needs something to increase RAW ratings after all. This can once again set up the rematch between Lesnar and McIntyre that should have happened in front of fans last year. There were also reports that a proposed match for Wrestlemania could be Keith Lee vs Drew McIntyre vs Brock Lesnar for the title.

John Cena returns

Another superstar who has not been seen since Wrestlemania. Recently reported here, John Cena is heavily rumoured to be in some way involved at Wrestlemania again. At some point he will need to return beforehand. What better way to start a feud than to have John return at the Rumble and face whoever eliminates him at Wrestlemania.

A new star wins the Women’s Royal Rumble

Many are predicting Charlotte Flair to win the Rumble match once again. Unfortunately, for better or worse, Charlotte can get a title match because she is Charlotte. After under utilising them both last year, bold predictions are that either Rhea Ripley or Bianca Bel Air finally get the recognition they deserve and get to go onto Wrestlemania. Either one of these competitors facing Asuka or Sasha Banks would be a great match. Even though it is more likely the winner will be facing Charlotte at Wrestlemania.

Tag Team reunions

Recent WWE TV has seen the break up of many tag teams for no apparent reason. In the Men’s and Women’s Rumbles, expect reunions when former partners are in the ring at the same time. The reunions of The IIconics and The New Day should be particularly enjoyable.

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