Updated Wrestlemania plans.

With the recent news that fans will be in attendance at this year’s Wrestlemania (story here), there has been another update into which legends will be returning for the biggest show of the year.

Wrestlevotes, one of the most reliable twitter accounts for WWE rumours has posted the following:

“Once a decision was made to run the 2 night card for Mania, the creative team started working on “bigger” ideas. Thought is WWE now needs 4 MAJOR matches, 2 per show. That probably requires outside assistance from big names. Cena & Goldberg nearly locks. Rock unlikely. Taker TBD.”

And in a follow up tweet:

“Follow up on the Taker part. Majority of those backstage think he’s done. And rightfully so. However, it only takes one call, from one usually conVINCing man to change all that.”

It should also be noted that in the comments section, Wrestlevotes has also responded that Triple H is also a TBD.

Goldberg is contracted to two matches a year, and one will be happening at The Royal Rumble. With the Saudi Arabia shows looking more and more unlikely, it makes sense that his other match will be at the biggest show in North America. In regards to John Cena, he recently appeared in the advertising promoting the next three Wrestlemanias, so there is s trong possibility he will be booked into a match.

The last two names will be dependent on how much star power Vince McMahon thinks is on the show. For better or worse Triple H and The Undertaker will always be the “In case of emergency, break glass” superstars to sell an event.

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Wrestlevotes Twitter account can be found here

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