Best challengers for Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania

Of the four top titles in WWE (WWE Championship, Universal Championship, RAW and Smackdown women’s Championship), it’s the women’s title on the blue brand that seems the most without direction. Both Drew Mcintyre and Roman Reigns have multiple credible challengers for their championships. Over on RAW, Charlotte and Asuka look destined for another collision course at Wrestlemania. So where does that leave Sasha Banks? The Bayley feud feels like it has run full course for the time being. While it would have been more logical to end the feud at Wrestlemania, it ended at the right time without becoming too stale. Here are some of the best options for Sasha Banks moving forward.

Bianca Bel Air

Unfortunately, like most NXT call ups, the first year on the main roster has not been ideal for the EST. Following a surprise appearance at Wrestlemania 36, Bianca was absent from WWE programming for multiple weeks, and has received no title matches for either the singles or tag championships. The only match of note was at Survivor Series. Even there, the booking of Bel Air was not the best, having her be eliminated by count-out to give Lana the fluke win. However, a title match and victory at Wrestlemania can give WWE a chance to rewrite history in their favour. If Bianca were to win, commentary lines of “What a first year Bianca has had on the main roster.” will no doubt be repeated ad nauseam. At least the in ring match will be good.

Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville was one of the best performers during the early days of pandemic-era WWE. Both her in ring work and promo skills have improved substantially. Understandably, for personal reasons Sonya has taken some time away from the screen. However, on New Years Day Smackdown, Deville was seen walking backstage and is ready to return. With her former rival Mandy Rose now on RAW, hopefully it will be New Year, new me for Sonya Deville. There is the added curiosity of how much has Sonya’s in ring skills improved in her time away?

A member of the NXT roster

With Charlotte vs Asuka looking like the most likely scenario for RAW, Sasha Banks will probably be facing the winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble match at Wrestlemania. This could be where a surprise entrant from NXT is called up and pulls out a shock win. This could provide multiple exciting first time match ups. Sasha Banks vs Shotzi Blackheart, Ember Moon, Candice LeRae or Rhea Ripley. Any of these opponents are definitely Wrestlemania worthy and if booked right, could be the best in-ring match of the entire weekend.

Most Likely: A throwaway multi-person match

While the above ideas are mostly dream matches, the reality will be not as exciting. The Smackdown Women’s championship is generally thought of as an after thought. Title matches in 2020 were either not on PPV, having unconvincing challengers for the gold, or just throwing together all of the female midcard in a fatal 4/5 way. Because WWE feels that every superstar needs to be on the Wrestlemania card, expect a repeat of last years format. There might be a surprise addition of Chelsea Green if she has recovered from injury. If WWE want fans to care about the Smackdown Women’s title, a new star needs to be built sooner rather than later.

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