When/if The Miz is going to cash in?

The Miz is Mr Money in The Bank. No this is not an old article. It is 2020, not 2010. After Hell in A Cell, The Miz has a match with the champion whenever he wants it. But when will that be? Here are a few possibilities of dates for his cash in.

Survivor Series

As is now tradition, Survivor Series will be champion vs champion. Currently, this means Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton is pencilled in. Assuming that both are champion on the 22nd, expect there to be a double down spot. The Miz may then saunter down and tease a cash in. It is doubtful though. He will either get beaten up before the cash in is successful, or run away in fear when someone gets up.

After a generic beatdown spot.

Even the strongest champions get beaten down time to time. It looks like Bray Wyatt is the next man with his eyes on the prize. If The Fiend incapacitates Randy Orton, The Miz might poke his head out with the briefcase. It is more than likely that The Miz will also get knocked out by The Fiend before the bell rings though. Or once again show fear. He has history with The Fiend and may still be terrified.

After the Wrestlemania Main event (or night after).

Wrestling logic states that a heel Money in the Bank holder will cash in on a face champion at the most opportunistic time. Bold predictions state that Edge will defeat Orton for the WWE title and Big E is a firm favourite to win the Universal Championship from Roman Reigns. Either just after their winning match or their first title defense, a skull crushing finale will not be too far behind. Whether this will actually lead to a victory or not is a different matter.

Guns for Hire?

The Miz can’t win the title on his own, no matter how opportunistic. Could a group like Retribution or The Hurt business be paid off to beat down the champion enough. We have seen The Miz bribe judge JBL to get the briefcase in the first place. Whether the gain will be financial or a future title shot is another matter.

Will he win?

In recent years the men’s MITB contract has really lost appeal. Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman failed to cash in, and Brock Lesnar just showed up without being in the match at the beginning. Miz will probably lose his match or lose his title in his first PPV match with the belt. Either that or in another first, he will lose the briefcase in another match for the contract. Making it the first time it has changed hands twice in a calendar year.

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